About Me

Hey! I’m David, a certified freelance content writer.

I love helping finance and insurance brands communicate effectively with their audience, so that they can broaden their reach and drive more conversions. 

So, why shoud you spend your marketing budget on my services?

I’ll give you three reasons.

Why I'm different

1. I'm a numbers guy

My background in analytics helps set me apart from other financial content writers — I have an education in Actaurial Math. Understanding the nuances of finance and insurance, I can help you write about ‘boring money stuff’ in an interesting manner. I specialize in distilling complex financial topics into approachable content, backing information up with well-researched facts.

So, if you want a deep-dive into complex insurance issues, I’m up for the job. 

2. I care about your business

I take the time to know your business, so that I can best represent your brand’s values and voice. Hiring me means you’re getting a writer who treats your business as if it’s their own. 

I’m invested in your brand’s success, drawing upon my passion for writing for all my projects. Together we’ll create content that actually drives results. In return, we’ll both succeed. 

3. I'm easy to work with (promise!)

Having me on your content marketing team makes a huge difference. Not only because of my writing skills but also because of the high standards I maintain for all my projects. 

I stick to deadlines religiously, all while delivering highly-researched, error-free, actionable blog content.  

Content that will position your product as your customers’ next logical purchase.  

Ready to work together?

Please e-mail me at david@financeandinsurancewriter.com, or use the form below.